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Motivation and Inspiration

When people try to threaten your business and family, you just smile and pray for them. Remember that what God has for you, can't no man or woman take from you. Ensure you know the laws and regulations so you won't be put on the spot and save all information that will protect you in the end. Just because you started something new, doesn't mean you don't know what you're talking about. Don't do dirt with dirt and let someone tell you can't make it in your business or career because you haven't been in it longer than them. Most important thing is keeping God first. Know that along the way, people AKA the enemy will try and make you stumble and fall, but you rebuke them and the enemy and keep moving along with God. Stay blessed and safe. #businessman

One person said I wouldn't make it in the bail bonds business.

Another lady threaten to call the state on me because she messed up paperwork, but I have the receipt and proof backing myself up.

A supposedly partner wanted me to work for him and told me that I don't know how to write bonds, but I've written many and my current insurance company hasn't complained at all.

Lastly, another said we were not good business partners when he wanted to micromanage me and tell me that I wasn't good enough for his team. I considered him just to be a client and helped him out. Had to remind him that I have my agency and he has his.

But I say to all of this, I'm making it without them. I was told in the bail bonds business, people will be cut throat and I didn't see it for myself up until now. Despite what they all say, I'm still moving forward and business has been great.

Remember that NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER. When your boss or others try to get you down, you pray for them. When people on your job try to bad mouth you or lie on you, pray for them. When someone tells you you're not good enough, you remind them who you belong to, the MOST GOD. Jesus had enemies and hypocrites to as well. They will smile in your face, and do dirt behind your back to ruin your name, business, and character. They can try all they want to, but at the end of the day, my business belongs to God who has carried me into almost a year of doing what I do. Thank you God for all You've done for me.

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