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Agency's Credentials

22+ years of experience in preparation of analytical products and statistical reports in order to establish and maintain systematic, cross-reference records and files, in processed detainees into correctional facilities, conducted unconventional operations, processed incoming reporting from field offices, maintained classified records for clientele, conducted healthcare and SUI fraud cases, determine the significance of the incoming information, prepared threat vulnerabilities report, analyzed and identified gaps, monitored specific networks that dealt with criminal activities, drafted periodic and special reports, plans, and briefings. The agency can demonstrate the ability to multifunction within a technical environment, manage time wisely in order to be able to complete all assigned tasks, work effectively with superiors, peers, and subordinates, focused on the accomplishment of the mission, and produce analytical products supporting national-level agencies.

Education and Certifications:

  • Bachelor of Arts Program: Organizational Management

  • Associate of Applied Science: Intelligence Operations with Honors

  • Military Intelligence Analyst

  • Licensed Private Investigator & Skip Tracer

  • Certified Process Server

  • Joint Personnel Adjudication (JPAS) Certified

  • State Certified Security Enforcement Officer/Body Guard Specialist

  • Concealed Weapons Permit

  • Certified Anti-Terrorism Officer

  • Information Security Manager

  • Operation Security Manager

  • Army Combative Training Level I and II

  • Choi Kwang Do (Brown Belt)

  • Japanese Jiu Jitsu (Purple Belt)

  • Attended three leadership and managerial courses within the United States Army.

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