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Job Add: Part-time On Call Repo Driver

Job Add: Part-time On Call Repo Driver

Pay: Depends on the amount of assignments collected. Client is charged $175-180 and half of the produced revenue will go to the agency and remainder to the driver. Driver will and can earn up to $87.50-90.00 per assignment. Pay will also increase depending on how far the agency will have to travel to acquire a client’s vehicle. DRIVER WILL ONLY BE PAID IF A VEHICLE IS RECOVERED, NOT FOR THE TIME SPENT SEARCHING FOR THE VEHICLE.

Job Description: On call driver that will drive repossessed vehicles back to the client’s car lot or agency’s storage yard.

Qualifications: Reliable transportation, valid driver’s license, clean driving record, able to be on call, past background check, able to carry a weapon, no felony charges, familiar with auto repossession operations, dress in appropriate attire in order to facilitate the assignments, have own communication device, and able to use 4 way radio communication devices.

If interested, please contact the agency at 225-461-6607 or email at Be specific and thorough when discussing the job.

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