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Job Posting: Administrative Assistant

Agency is seeking a part time administrative assistant that will help support the agency in various manners such as the following:

Conducting Auto Repossession Operations (Must have valid drivers’ license and reliable transportation).

Assist the agency in marketing in order to increase clientele.

Maintain personnel records to ensure payments are received on time to the agency. If clients are late with payments, implement measures in order to acquire funds owed to agency.

Conduct minimum surveillance.

Research various businesses that require agency’s assistance.

Be able to be available and maintain communication with agency’s owner.

Promote agency through social media.

Meet with clients when leadership is engaged in other investigations.

Purchase office supplies with the agency’s credit card.

Recording information as needed.

Coordinating events as necessary.

Maintaining supply inventory.

Creating, maintaining, and entering information into databases.


High school diploma or associate’s degree.

Must have valid drivers’ license and reliable transportation

Must be able to type and be familiar with Microsoft Office

Answer phone calls in a professional manner

Be flexible to work if you have another job (owner will be willing to work with job scheduling)

Complete a background check (have no felonies)

Warm personality with strong communication skills

Ability to work well under limited supervision

If you’re interested, please email resume to and call agency to confirm resume was received at 225-461-6607.

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