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Support the BLUE

Not all police/sheriff are bad. I just got pulled over for not having my head lights on after leaving Sonic. Yea it was my fault. Didn’t want to blind the kids while they were working. He pulled me over asked me to get out and just simply ran my license with no hesitation, again doing his job. Not once did he reach for his gun or taser. He wasn’t threaten because I was black. He saw an American. He asked me what I do because he could tell I was law enforcer and I informed him what my title was and we both served our country in the Army. So the next time y’all complaining about the law enforcers, think about your actions because they are some really great ones and bad seeds just like in the military. Ooppps, let’s not forget who the Commander of Chief is, 🤦🏽‍♂️Pres. Trump. 🇺🇸 Say what you want, but having a clear background will keep you out of trouble. I encourage all my brothers and sisters of all race to stand up and support our law enforcers and military personnel because while you’re sleeping, they working. I remember my Army days, we couldn’t get all the bad guys but we got who we could because of INTEL. If you want peace in your area, let the law know what’s going on and stop acting like a child that’s too afraid to see it’s own shadow.

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